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Pronunciation of Keep Away: Learn how to pronounce Keep Away in English correctly

Learn how to say Keep Away correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word away:

1to or at a distance from a particular place or person:
she landed badly, and crawled away
they walked away from the vicarage in silence
we’ll only be away for four nights
at a specified distance:
when he was ten or twelve feet away he stopped
we have had patients from as far away as Wales
at a specified future distance in time:
the wedding is only weeks away
towards a lower level; downwards:
in front of them the land fell away to the river
conceptually to one side, so as no longer to be the focus of attention:
the Museum has shifted its emphasis away from research towards exhibitions
(with reference to sports fixtures) at the opponents’ ground:
Oh what fun it is to see the Mariners win away
2into an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping:
he put away the pistol
3into non-existence:
Marie felt her distress ebbing away
4constantly, persistently, or continuously:
there was Morrissey crooning away
(of a sporting contest) played at the opponents’ ground:
tomorrow night’s away game at Leicester
an away match or win.

away with

see with.

Old English onweg, aweg ‘on one’s way’ (see a-2, way)