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Pronunciation of Keen: Learn how to pronounce Keen in English correctly

Learn how to say Keen correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word keen:

1chiefly British having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm:
a keen gardener
John was keen to help
(keen on) interested in or attracted by (someone or something):
Bob makes it obvious he’s keen on her
2sharp or penetrating, in particular:
(of a sense) highly developed:
I have keen eyesight
(of mental faculties) quick to understand:
her keen intellect
(of the edge or point of a blade) sharp:
the keen blade went through the weeds
(of the air or wind) extremely cold; biting:
a keen wind cut through their thick overalls
literary (of a smell, light, or sound) penetrating; clear:
ear-splitting explosive bursts, keen and sharp
3British (of activity or feeling) intense:
there could be keen competition to provide the service
3(of prices) very low; competitive:
we offer extremely keen rates
4 [predic.] North American informal, dated excellent:
I would soon fly to distant stars—how keen!

(as) keen as mustard
British informal extremely eager or enthusiastic.


Old English cēne ‘wise, clever’, also ‘brave, daring’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch koen and German kühn ‘bold, brave’. Current senses date from Middle English