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Pronunciation of Justifies: Learn how to pronounce Justifies in English correctly

Learn how to say Justifies correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word justify:

verb (justifies, justifying, justified)
[with object]
1show or prove to be right or reasonable:
the person appointed has fully justified our confidence
be a good reason for:
the situation was grave enough to justify further investigation
2 Theology declare or make righteous in the sight of God:
one of the elect, justified by faith
3 Printing adjust (a line of type or piece of text) so that the print fills a space evenly or forms a straight edge at the margin:
in most European languages you justify text by adding space between letters and words




Middle English (in the senses ‘administer justice to’ and ‘inflict a judicial penalty on’): from Old French justifier, from Christian Latin justificare ‘do justice to’, from Latin justus (see just)