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Pronunciation of Just As Well: Learn how to pronounce Just As Well in English correctly

Learn how to say Just As Well correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word just:

based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair:
a just and democratic society
fighting for a just cause
(of treatment) deserved or appropriate in the circumstances:
we all get our just deserts
(of an opinion or appraisal) well founded; justifiable:
these simplistic approaches have been the subject of just criticism
that’s just what I need
you’re a human being, just like everyone else
exactly or almost exactly at this or that moment:
she’s just coming
we were just finishing breakfast
2very recently; in the immediate past:
I’ve just seen the local paper
3barely; by a little:
inflation fell to just over 4 per cent
I only just caught the train
4simply; only; no more than:
just a bad day in the office
they were just interested in making money
really; absolutely (used for emphasis):
they’re just great
used as a polite formula for giving permission or making a request:
just help yourselves
[with modal] possibly (used to indicate a slight chance of something happening or being true):
it might just help
5expressing agreement:
‘Simon really messed things up.’ ‘Didn’t he just?’

just about
informal almost exactly; nearly:
he can do just about anything
just as well
a good or fortunate thing:
it was just as well I didn’t know at the time
just in case
see case1.
just a minute (or moment, or second, etc.)
used to ask someone to wait or pause for a short time:
just a minute—my friend’s left something behind
used to interrupt someone, especially in protest or disagreement:
‘They know what to do.’ ‘Now just a moment!’ the American interrupted
just now
1at this moment:
it’s pretty hectic just now
2a little time ago:
she was talking to me just now
3South African in a little while; very soon:
I’ll come just now but I want breakfast first
just on
(with reference to time and numbers) exactly:
it was just on midnight
just so
1arranged or done very neatly and carefully:
polishing the furniture and making everything just so
2 formal used to express agreement:
‘And to limit the hours,’ Jasper added. ‘Just so.’


late Middle English: via Old French from Latin justus, from jus ‘law, right’