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Pronunciation of Junior: Learn how to pronounce Junior in English correctly

Learn how to say Junior correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word junior:

1for or denoting young or younger people:
junior tennis
British for or denoting schoolchildren between the ages of about 7 and 11:
junior pupils
North American of or for students in the third year of a course lasting four years at college or high school:
his junior year in college
(often Junior) [postpositive, in names] denoting the younger of two who have the same name in a family, especially a son as distinct from his father:
John F. Kennedy Junior
2low or lower in rank or status:
a junior minister
part of my function is to supervise those junior to me
1a person who is a specified number of years younger than someone else:
he’s five years her junior
British a child attending a junior school:
first-year juniors
the curriculum of top juniors
North American a student in the third year at college or high school:
[with modifier]:
high-school juniors and seniors
(in sport) a young competitor, typically under sixteen or eighteen:
indoor tennis for juniors
North American informal used as a nickname or form of address for one’s son:
he said: ‘there’s Junior,’ referring to his son
2a person with low rank or status compared with others:
an office junior
Pronunciation: /-ˈɒrɪti/
Middle English (as an adjective following a family name): from Latin, comparative of juvenis ‘young’