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Pronunciation of Juices: Learn how to pronounce Juices in English correctly

Learn how to say Juices correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word juice:

[mass noun]
the liquid obtained from or present in fruit or vegetables:
add the juice of a lemon
a drink made from fruit or vegetable juice:
a carton of orange juice
(juices) the liquid that comes from meat or other food when cooked:
put with the salmon, reserving the cooking juices
(juices) fluid secreted by the body, especially in the stomach to help digest food:
the digestive juices
(juices) a person’s vitality or creative faculties:
it saps the creative juices
informal electrical energy:
the batteries have run out of juice
he ran out of juice on the last lap
North American informal influence or power, especially in a political or business context:
Lucchese was involved in the case and he had a certain amount of juice around the city
North American informal alcoholic drink.
North American informal anabolic steroids:
I know there are 82 players on the juice
[with object]
1extract the juice from (fruit or vegetables):
juice one orange at a time
2 (juice something up) North American informal liven something up:
they juiced it up with some love interest
3 (as adjective juiced) North American informal drunk:
on his pub crawl he became suitably juiced