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Pronunciation of Jog: Learn how to pronounce Jog in English correctly

Learn how to say Jog correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word jog:

verb (jogs, jogging, jogged)
1 [no object] run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise:
he began to jog along the road
(as noun jogging)
try cycling or gentle jogging
(of a horse) move at a slow trot:
they caught and saddled their horses and jogged up to the high grass moorland
move in an unsteady way:
the bus jogged and jolted
2 [with object] nudge or knock slightly:
a hand jogged his elbow
1a spell of jogging:
his morning jog
[in singular] a gentle running pace:
he set off along the bank at a jog
2a slight push or nudge:
he gave her a jog with his elbow