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Pronunciation of Jerk: Learn how to pronounce Jerk in English correctly

Learn how to say Jerk correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word jerk:

1a quick, sharp, sudden movement:
he gave a sudden jerk of his head
a spasmodic muscular twitch.
Weightlifting the raising of a barbell above the head from shoulder level by an abrupt straightening of the arms and legs, typically as the second part of a clean and jerk.
2 informal a contemptibly foolish person.
[with adverbial of direction] move or cause to move with a jerk:
[no object]:
the van jerked forward
[with object]:
she jerked her chin up
the thud jerked her back to reality
[with object] Weightlifting raise (a weight) from shoulder level to above the head.