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Pronunciation of Jawing: Learn how to pronounce Jawing in English correctly

Learn how to say Jawing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word jaw:

1each of the upper and lower bony structures in vertebrates forming the framework of the mouth and containing the teeth.
the lower movable bone of the jaw, or the part of the face containing it:
she suffered a broken jaw
(jaws) the mouth with its bones and teeth.
(jaws) the grasping, biting, or crushing mouthparts of an invertebrate.
(usually jaws) the gripping parts of a tool or machine, such as a wrench or vice.
(jaws) the grasping or destructive power of something:
victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat
(jaws) an opening likened to a mouth:
a passenger stepping from the jaws of a car ferry
2 [mass noun] informal talk or gossip, especially when lengthy or tedious:
committee work is just endless jaw
[no object] informal
talk at length; chatter:
I was too busy to spend time jawing with the rest of the crew

one’s jaw drops

one feels or appears amazed or shocked:
Laurel’s jaw dropped despite her attempts to hide her surprise


[in combination]:
square-jawed young men


late Middle English: from Old French joe ‘cheek, jaw’, of unknown origin