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Pronunciation of Issued: Learn how to pronounce Issued in English correctly

Learn how to say Issued correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word issue:

the act of sending or giving out something; supply; delivery
something issued; an edition of stamps, a magazine, etc
the number of identical items, such as banknotes or shares in a company, that become available at a particular time
the act of emerging; outflow; discharge
something flowing out, such as a river
a place of outflow; outlet
the descendants of a person; offspring; progeny
a topic of interest or discussion
an important subject requiring a decision
an outcome or consequence; result
a suppurating sore
discharge from a wound
(law) the matter remaining in dispute between the parties to an action after the pleadings
the yield from or profits arising out of land or other property
(military) the allocation of items of government stores, such as food, clothing, and ammunition
(library science)
the system for recording current loans
the number of books loaned in a specified period
(obsolete) an act, deed, or proceeding
See at issue
See force the issue
See join issue
See take issue
-sues, -suing, -sued
to come forth or emerge or cause to come forth or emerge
to publish or deliver (a newspaper, magazine, etc)
(transitive) to make known or announce
(intransitive) to originate or proceed
(intransitive) to be a consequence; result
(intransitive) foll by in to end or terminate
to give out or allocate (equipment, a certificate, etc) officially to someone
(followed by with) to supply officially (with)
Derived Forms
ˈissueless adjective
ˈissuer noun
Word Origin
C13: from Old French eissue way out, from eissir to go out, from Latin exīre, from ex-1 + īre to go