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Pronunciation of Isometrically: Learn how to pronounce Isometrically in English correctly

Learn how to say Isometrically correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word isometric:

Also: isometrical
having equal dimensions or measurements
(physiology) of or relating to muscular contraction that does not produce shortening of the muscle
(of a crystal or system of crystallization) having three mutually perpendicular equal axes
(crystallography) another word for cubic (sense 4)
(prosody) having or made up of regular feet
(of a method of projecting a drawing in three dimensions) having the three axes equally inclined and all lines drawn to scale
Also called: isometric drawing. a drawing made in this way
Also called: isometric line. a line on a graph showing variations of pressure with temperature at constant volume
Derived Forms
ˌisoˈmetrically adverb