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Pronunciation of Irregular: Learn how to pronounce Irregular in English correctly

Learn how to say Irregular correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word irregular:

not conforming to established rule, method, usage, standard, etc.; out of the ordinary; anomalous
not conforming to legal or moral requirements; lawless; disorderly
not straight or even; not symmetrical; not uniform in shape, design, or proportion
uneven in occurrence or succession; variable or erratic
(US) having minor flaws or imperfections (said of merchandise)
experiencing constipation
(botany) not uniform in shape, size, etc. as the petals of a flower
(grammar) not inflected in the usual way ⇒ “go” is an irregular verb
(military history) not belonging to the regularly established army
a person or thing that is irregular
a soldier who belongs to an irregular military force
(US, [usually pl.]) irregular merchandise