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Pronunciation of Ironed: Learn how to pronounce Ironed in English correctly

Learn how to say Ironed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word iron:

a white, malleable, ductile, metallic chemical element that can be readily magnetized, rusts rapidly in moist or salty air, and is vital to plant and animal life: it is the most common and important of all metals, and its alloys, as steel, are extensively used: symbol, Fe; at. no., 26
any tool, implement, device, apparatus, etc. made of iron (, as)
a device with a handle and flat, smooth undersurface, used, when heated, for pressing clothes or cloth; flatiron
a rodlike device with a brand at one end, heated for branding cattle (in full ) branding iron
([pl.]) iron shackles or chains
firm strength; power
(slang) a pistol
(golf) any of a set of numbered clubs with metal heads having various lofts; specif., the number 2 iron with little loft, used chiefly for relatively long fairway shots; the number 5 iron with medium loft; and the number 9 iron with much loft, used chiefly for short, lofted shots to the green
(medicine) a tonic or other preparation containing iron
of or consisting of iron
like iron (, as)
firm; unyielding ⇒ an iron will
capable of great endurance; strong ⇒ an iron constitution
cruel; merciless
transitive verb
to furnish or cover with iron
to put (a prisoner) in irons
to press (clothes or cloth) smooth or flat with a hot iron
intransitive verb
to iron clothes or cloth
See have many (
See in irons
See iron out
See strike while the iron is hot