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Pronunciation of Invests: Learn how to pronounce Invests in English correctly

Learn how to say Invests correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word invest:

(often followed by in) to lay out (money or capital in an enterprise, esp by purchasing shares) with the expectation of profit
(transitive) often foll by in to devote (effort, resources, etc, to a project)
(transitive; often followed by in or with) (mainly archaic) to clothe or adorn (in some garment, esp the robes of an office) ⇒ to invest a king in the insignia of an emperor
(transitive) often foll by in to install formally or ceremoniously (in an official position, rank, etc)
(transitive; followed by in or with) to place (power, authority, etc, in) or provide (with power or authority) ⇒ to invest new rights in the monarchy
(transitive; usually passive; followed by in or with) to provide or endow (a person with qualities, characteristics, etc) ⇒ he was invested with great common sense
(transitive) foll by with (usually poetic) to cover or adorn, as if with a coat or garment ⇒ when spring invests the trees with leaves
(transitive) (rare) to surround with military forces; besiege
(intransitive) foll by in (informal) to purchase; buy

Derived Forms
inˈvestable, inˈvestible adjective
inˈvestor noun

Word Origin
C16: from Medieval Latin investīre to clothe, from Latin, from vestīre, from vestis a garment