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Pronunciation of Inversion: Learn how to pronounce Inversion in English correctly

Learn how to say Inversion correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word inversion:

the act of inverting or state of being inverted
something inverted, esp a reversal of order, mutual functions, etc ⇒ an inversion of their previous relationship
Also called: anastrophe (rhetoric) the reversal of a normal order of words
the conversion of a dextrorotatory solution of sucrose into a laevorotatory solution of glucose and fructose by hydrolysis
any similar reaction in which the optical properties of the reactants are opposite to those of the products
the process or result of transposing the notes of a chord (esp a triad) such that the root, originally in the bass, is placed in an upper part. When the bass note is the third of the triad, the resulting chord is the first inversion; when it is the fifth, the resulting chord is the second inversion See also root position
(in counterpoint) the modification of a melody or part in which all ascending intervals are replaced by corresponding descending intervals and vice versa
the modification of an interval in which the higher note becomes the lower or the lower one the higher See complement (sense 8)
(pathology) abnormal positioning of an organ or part, as in being upside down or turned inside out
the adoption of the role or characteristics of the opposite sex
another word for homosexuality
(meteorology) an abnormal condition in which the layer of air next to the earth’s surface is cooler than an overlying layer
(anatomy, phonetics) another word for retroflexion (sense 2)
(computing) an operation by which each digit of a binary number is changed to the alternative digit, as 10110 to 01001
(genetics) a type of chromosomal mutation in which a section of a chromosome, and hence the order of its genes, is reversed
(logic) the process of deriving the inverse of a categorial proposition
(mathematics) a transformation that takes a point P to a point P′ such that OP·OP′ = a², where a is a constant and P and P′ lie on a straight line through a fixed point O and on the same side of it