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Pronunciation of Inverse: Learn how to pronounce Inverse in English correctly

Learn how to say Inverse correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word inverse:

opposite or contrary in effect, sequence, direction, etc
(of a relationship) containing two variables such that an increase in one results in a decrease in the other ⇒ the volume of a gas is in inverse ratio to its pressure
(of an element) operating on a specified member of a set to produce the identity of the set: the additive inverse element of x is –x, the multiplicative inverse element of x is 1/x
(usually prenominal) upside-down; inverted ⇒ in an inverse position
another name for reciprocal (sense 7)
an inverse element
(logic) a categorial proposition derived from another by changing both the proposition and its subject from affirmative to negative, or vice versa, as all immortals are angels from no mortals are angels