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Pronunciation of Interlocked: Learn how to pronounce Interlocked in English correctly

Learn how to say Interlocked correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word interlock:

Pronunciation: /ɪntəˈlɒk/
[no object]
(of two or more things) engage with each other by overlapping or by the fitting together of projections and recesses:
their fingers interlocked
(as adjective interlocking)
a design of interlocking leaves
[with object] lock or join (things) together:
the two planes were almost interlocked as they climbed together
Pronunciation: /ˈɪntəlɒk/
1a device or mechanism for connecting or coordinating the function of different components:
a safety interlock to stop the blades spinning
2 (also interlock fabric) [mass noun] a fabric knitted with closely interlocking stitches allowing it to stretch:
a dress in soft interlock
[count noun]:
a cotton interlock in black or plum