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Pronunciation of Interlaced: Learn how to pronounce Interlaced in English correctly

Learn how to say Interlaced correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word interlace:

cross or be crossed intricately together; interweave:
[with object]:
Jane interlaced her fingers to form a cup
(as adjective interlacing)
closely interlacing branches
[with object] (interlace something with) mingle or intersperse something with:
discussion interlaced with esoteric mathematics
[with object] Electronics scan (a video image) in such a way that alternate lines form one sequence which is followed by the other lines in a second sequence:
(as adjective interlaced)
interlaced displays
late Middle English: from Old French entrelacier, from entre- ‘between’ + lacier ‘to lace’