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Pronunciation of Interferences: Learn how to pronounce Interferences in English correctly

Learn how to say Interferences correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word interfere:

[no object]
1 (interfere with) prevent (a process or activity) from continuing or being carried out properly:
a holiday job would interfere with his studies
(of a thing) strike against or impede (something) when working:
the rotors are widely separated and do not interfere with one another
handle or adjust (something) without permission, especially so as to cause damage:
he admitted interfering with a van
2intervene in a situation without invitation or necessity:
she tried not to interfere in her children’s lives
3 (interfere with) British, euphemistic sexually molest (someone, especially a child).
4 (interfere with) Law attempt to bribe or intimidate (a witness):
they face charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice and interfering with witnesses
5 Physics (of light or other electromagnetic waveforms) interact to produce interference:
light pulses interfere constructively in a fibre to emit a pulse
cause interference to a broadcast radio signal.
6(of a horse) knock one foot against the fetlock of another leg.
late Middle English: from Old French s’entreferir ‘strike each other’, from entre- ‘between’ + ferir (from Latin ferire ‘to strike’)