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Pronunciation of Intentness: Learn how to pronounce Intentness in English correctly

Learn how to say Intentness correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word intent:

[mass noun]
intention or purpose:
with alarm she realized his intent
[count noun]:
a real intent to cut back on social programmes
1 (intent on/upon) determined to do (something):
the government was intent on achieving greater efficiency
attentively occupied with:
Gill was intent on her gardening magazine
2(of a look or expression) showing earnest and eager attention:
a curiously intent look on her face
to all intents and purposes
in all important respects:
a man who was to all intents and purposes illiterate
with intent
Law with the intention of committing a crime:
he denied arson with intent to endanger life
Middle English: from Old French entent, entente, based on Latin intendere (see intend). The adjective is from Latin intentus, past participle of intendere