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Pronunciation of Integrality: Learn how to pronounce Integrality in English correctly

Learn how to say Integrality correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word integral:

Pronunciation: /ˈɪntɪgr(ə)l, ɪnˈtɛgr(ə)l/

1necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental:
games are an integral part of the school’s curriculum
systematic training should be integral to library management
included as part of a whole rather than supplied separately:
the unit comes complete with integral pump and heater
having all the parts that are necessary to be complete:
the first integral recording of the ten Mahler symphonies
2 Mathematics of or denoted by an integer.
involving only integers, especially as coefficients of a function.
Pronunciation: /ˈɪntɪgr(ə)l/

a function of which a given function is the derivative, i.e. which yields that function when differentiated, and which may express the area under the curve of a graph of the function. See also definite integral, indefinite integral.
a function satisfying a given differential equation.


Pronunciation: /-ˈgralɪti/



mid 16th century: from late Latin integralis, from integer ‘whole’ (see integer). Compare with integrate and integrity