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Pronunciation of Insures: Learn how to pronounce Insures in English correctly

Learn how to say Insures correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word insure:

[with object]
1arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss of (property), or injury to or the death of (someone), in exchange for regular payments to a company or to the state:
the table should be insured for £2,500
the company had insured itself against a fall of the dollar
[no object]:
businesses can insure against exchange rate fluctuations
secure the payment of (an amount in compensation) in this way:
your new sum insured is shown on your renewal notice
provide insurance cover in respect of:
subsidiaries set up to insure the risks of a group of companies
2 (insure someone against) secure or protect someone against (a possible contingency):
by appeasing Celia they might insure themselves against further misfortune
[no object]:
such changes could insure against further unrest
3another term for ensure.
Pronunciation: /-ˈbɪlɪti/
late Middle English (in the sense ‘assure someone of something’): alteration of ensure