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Pronunciation of Instrumentally: Learn how to pronounce Instrumentally in English correctly

Learn how to say Instrumentally correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word instrumental:

1serving as a means of pursuing an aim:
the Society was instrumental in bringing about legislation
relating to something’s function as a means to an end:
a very instrumental view of education and how it relates to their needs
2(of music) performed on instruments, with no vocals:
a largely instrumental piece
relating to musical instruments:
brilliance of instrumental colour
3relating to an implement or measuring device:
instrumental error
instrumental delivery of a baby
4 Grammar denoting or relating to a case of nouns and pronouns (and words in grammatical agreement with them) indicating a means or instrument.
1a piece of (usually non-classical) music performed by instruments, with no vocals:
the opening tune is an instrumental
2 (the instrumental) Grammar the instrumental case.
a noun in the instrumental case.