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Pronunciation of Instrument: Learn how to pronounce Instrument in English correctly

Learn how to say Instrument correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word instrument:

1a tool or implement, especially one for precision work:
a surgical instrument
instruments of torture
writing instruments
2a measuring device used to gauge the level, position, speed, etc. of something, especially a motor vehicle or aircraft:
a new instrument for measuring ozone levels
myriad instruments and switches
3 (also musical instrument) an object or device for producing musical sounds:
a percussion instrument
4a means of pursuing an aim:
the failure of education as an instrument of social reform
a person who is exploited or made use of:
he was a mere instrument acting under coercion
5a formal or legal document:
execution involves signature and unconditional delivery of the instrument
[with object]
equip (something) with measuring instruments:
engineers have instrumented rockets to study the upper atmosphere
a DC-8 aircraft instrumented as a flying laboratory

Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin instrumentum ‘equipment, implement’, from the verb instruere ‘construct, equip’