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Pronunciation of Instant: Learn how to pronounce Instant in English correctly

Learn how to say Instant correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word instant:

1happening or coming immediately:
the offence justified instant dismissal
prepared quickly and with little effort:
we can’t promise instant solutions
(of food) processed to allow very quick preparation:
instant coffee
(of a person) becoming a specified thing immediately:
become an instant millionaire
2 dated urgent; pressing:
an instant desire to blame others when things go wrong
3 [postpositive] dated (in business letters) of the current month:
your letter of the 6th instant
4 archaic of the present moment.
1a precise moment of time:
come here this instant!
at that instant the sun came out
2a very short time; a moment:
for an instant the moon disappeared
3 [mass noun] informal instant coffee.

on the instant
archaic instantly; immediately:
he was thrown into the water, and on the instant the sea grew calm

late Middle English (in sense 2 of the adjective, sense 3 of the adjective, sense 4 of the adjective): via Old French from Latin instant- ‘being at hand’, from the verb instare, from in- ‘in, at’ + stare ‘to stand’