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Pronunciation of Insecurities: Learn how to pronounce Insecurities in English correctly

Learn how to say Insecurities correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word insecure:

1uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident:
a rather gauche, insecure young man
a top model who is notoriously insecure about her looks
2(of a thing) not firm or fixed; liable to give way or break:
an insecure footbridge
not sufficiently protected; easily broken into:
an insecure computer system
3(of a job or situation) liable to change for the worse; not permanent or settled:
badly paid and insecure jobs
a financially insecure period


mid 17th century: from medieval Latin insecurus ‘unsafe’, from in- ‘not’ + Latin securus ‘free from care’, or from in-1 ‘not’ + secure