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Pronunciation of Influencing: Learn how to pronounce Influencing in English correctly

Learn how to say Influencing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word influence:

an effect of one person or thing on another
the power of a person or thing to have such an effect
power or sway resulting from ability, wealth, position, etc
a person or thing having influence
(astrology) an ethereal fluid or occult power regarded as emanating from the stars and affecting a person’s actions, future, etc
See under the influence
verb (transitive)
to persuade or induce
to have an effect upon (actions, events, etc); affect
Derived Forms
Ėˆinfluenceable adjective
Ėˆinfluencer noun

Word Origin
C14: from Medieval Latin influentia emanation of power from the stars, from Latin influere to flow into, from fluere to flow