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Pronunciation of Indoeuropeans: Learn how to pronounce Indoeuropeans in English correctly

Learn how to say Indoeuropeans correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Indo-European:

denoting, belonging to, or relating to a family of languages that includes English and many other culturally and politically important languages of the world: a characteristic feature, esp of the older languages such as Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit, is inflection showing gender, number, and case
denoting or relating to the hypothetical parent language of this family, primitive Indo-European
denoting, belonging to, or relating to any of the peoples speaking these languages
the Indo-European family of languages
Also called: primitive Indo-European, Proto-Indo-European. the reconstructed hypothetical parent language of this family
a member of the prehistoric people who spoke this language
a descendant of this people or a native speaker of an Indo-European language