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Pronunciation of Indicating: Learn how to pronounce Indicating in English correctly

Learn how to say Indicating correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word indicate:

[with object]
1point out; show:
dotted lines indicate the text’s margins
be a sign of; strongly suggest:
sales indicate a growing market for such art
[with clause]:
his tone indicated that he didn’t hold out much hope
mention indirectly or briefly:
the president indicated his willingness to use force against the rebels
direct attention to (someone or something) by means of a gesture:
he indicated Cindy with a brief nod of the head
(of a gauge or meter) register a reading of (a quantity, dimension, etc.):
an external tube is used to indicate fluid level
2suggest as a desirable or necessary course of action:
treatment for shock may be indicated
3 [no object] British (of a driver or motor vehicle) signal an intention to change lanes or turn using an indicator:
Cal indicated and moved across the road
one car had indicated left but pulled out in front of him
early 17th century: from Latin indicat- ‘pointed out’, from the verb indicare, from in- ‘towards’ + dicare ‘make known’