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Pronunciation of Indianizing: Learn how to pronounce Indianizing in English correctly

Learn how to say Indianizing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Indian:

1relating to India or to the subcontinent comprising India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
2relating to the indigenous peoples of America.
1a native or inhabitant of India, or a person of Indian descent.
2an American Indian.
3British informal an Indian meal or restaurant.
(also Indianisation) noun
(also Indianise) verb
The native peoples of America came to be described as Indian as a result of Christopher Columbus and other voyagers in the 15th-16th centuries believing that, when they reached the east coast of America, they had reached part of India by a new route. The terms Indian and Red Indian are today regarded as old-fashioned and inappropriate, recalling, as they do, the stereotypical portraits of the Wild West. American Indian, however, is well established, although the preference where possible is to make reference to specific peoples, such as Apache, Delaware, and so on. See also American Indian (usage) and Native American.