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Pronunciation of Indented: Learn how to pronounce Indented in English correctly

Learn how to say Indented correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word indent:

(ɪnˈdɛnt Pronunciation for ) (mainly transitive)
to place (written or printed matter, etc) in from the margin, as at the beginning of a paragraph
to cut or tear (a document, esp a contract or deed in duplicate) so that the irregular lines may be matched to confirm its authenticity
(mainly British) (in foreign trade) to place an order for (foreign goods), usually through an agent
when intr, foll by for, on, or upon (mainly British) to make an order on (a source or supply) or for (something)
to notch (an edge, border, etc); make jagged
to bind (an apprentice, etc) by indenture
(ˈɪnˌdɛnt Pronunciation for )
(mainly British) (in foreign trade) an order for foreign merchandise, esp one placed with an agent
(mainly British) an official order for goods
(in the late 18th-century US) a certificate issued by federal and state governments for the principal or interest due on the public debt
another word for indenture
another word for indentation (sense 4)