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Pronunciation of In Brief: Learn how to pronounce In Brief in English correctly

Learn how to say In Brief correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word brief:

1of short duration; not lasting for long:
the president made a brief working visit to Moscow
concise in expression; using few words:
introductions were brief and polite
be brief and don’t talk for longer than is necessary
2(of a piece of clothing) not covering much of the body; scanty:
Alison sported a pair of extremely brief black shorts
1British a set of instructions given to a person about a job or task:
his brief is to turn round the county’s fortunes
2 Law, British a summary of the facts and legal points in a case given to a barrister to argue in court.
a piece of work for a barrister:
he cannot be too highly recommended, if he is free and will take the brief
British informal a solicitor or barrister:
it was only his brief’s eloquence that had saved him from prison
US a written statement of the facts and legal points supporting one side of a case, for presentation to a court.
3a letter from the Pope to a person or community on a matter of discipline.
[with object]
1instruct or inform (someone) thoroughly, especially in preparation for a task:
she briefed him on last week’s decisions
2British instruct (a barrister) by brief.

hold a brief for
British be retained as counsel for.
hold no brief for
British not support or argue in favour of:
I hold no brief for dishonest policemen
in brief
in a few words; in short:
he is, in brief, the embodiment of evil
the news in brief


Middle English: from Old French brief, from Latin brevis ‘short’. The noun is via late Latin breve ‘note, dispatch’, hence ‘an official letter’