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Pronunciation of Immersion: Learn how to pronounce Immersion in English correctly

Learn how to say Immersion correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word immersion:

[mass noun]
1the action of immersing someone or something in a liquid:
his back was still raw from immersion in the icy Atlantic sea
baptism by immersing a person bodily (but not necessarily completely) in water.
2deep mental involvement in something:
a week’s immersion in the culinary heritage of Puglia
a method of teaching a foreign language by the exclusive use of that language:
as a teacher she advocates learning by immersion
[as modifier]:
an immersion school
3 Astronomy the disappearance of a celestial body in the shadow of or behind another.

late 15th century: from late Latin immersio(n-), from immergere ‘dip into’ (see immerse)