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Pronunciation of Ill: Learn how to pronounce Ill in English correctly

Learn how to say Ill correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ill:

1suffering from an illness or disease or feeling unwell:
he was taken ill with food poisoning
[with submodifier]:
a terminally ill patient
(as plural noun the ill)
a day centre for the mentally ill
2 [attributive] poor in quality:
ill judgement dogs the unsuccessful
bad or harmful:
she had a cup of the same wine and suffered no ill effects
not favourable or auspicious:
I have had a run of ill luck
a bird of ill omen
1 [usually in combination] badly, wrongly, or imperfectly:
the street is dominated by ill-lit shops
it ill becomes one so beautiful to be gloomy
unfavourably or inauspiciously:
a look on her face which boded ill for anyone who crossed her path
2only with difficulty; hardly:
she could ill afford the cost of new curtains
(usually ills)
a problem or misfortune:
a lengthy work on the ills of society
[mass noun] evil or harm:
how could I wish him ill?