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Pronunciation of I’d Rather: Learn how to pronounce I’d Rather in English correctly

Learn how to say I’d Rather correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rather:

1 (would rather) used to indicate one’s preference in a particular matter:
would you like some wine or would you rather stick to sherry?
she’d rather die than cause a scene
[with clause]:
I’d rather you didn’t tell him
2 [as submodifier] to a certain or significant extent or degree:
she’s been behaving rather strangely
he’s rather an unpleasant man
used before verbs so as to make the expression of a feeling or opinion less assertive:
I rather think he wants me to marry him
we were rather hoping you might do that for us
3used to suggest that the opposite of a previous statement is the case; on the contrary:
[sentence adverb]:
There is no shortage of basic skills in the workplace. Rather, the problem is poor management
more precisely:
I walked, or rather limped, the two miles home
instead of; as opposed to:
she seemed indifferent rather than angry
Pronunciation: /rɑːˈðəː/

British dated
used to express emphatic affirmation, agreement, or acceptance:
‘You are glad to be home, aren’t you?’ ‘Rather!’