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Pronunciation of I’d Like You To Meet: Learn how to pronounce I’d Like You To Meet in English correctly

Learn how to say I’d Like You To Meet correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word meet:

verb (past and past participle met /mɛt/)
[with object]
1arrange or happen to come into the presence or company of (someone):
a week later I met him in the street
[no object]:
we met for lunch
they arranged to meet up that afternoon
make the acquaintance of (someone) for the first time:
she took Paul to meet her parents
[no object]:
we met at an office party
[no object] (of a group of people) assemble for a purpose:
the committee meets once a fortnight
[no object] (meet with) have a meeting with (someone):
he met with the president on September 16
go to a place and wait there for (a person or their means of transport) to arrive:
Stuart met us off the boat
come together as opponents in a competition:
in the final group match, England will meet the Australians
[no object]:
the teams will meet in the European Cup final at Wembley
encounter or experience (a particular situation or attitude):
he met his death in 1946
[no object]:
we met with a slight setback
(meet something with) have (a particular reaction) to:
the announcement was met with widespread protests
[no object] (meet with) receive (a particular reaction):
I’m sorry if it doesn’t meet with your approval
2touch; join:
icebergs are created when glaciers meet the sea
[no object]:
the curtains failed to meet in the middle
our eyes met across the table
3fulfil or satisfy (a need, requirement, or condition):
this policy is doing nothing to meet the needs of women
pay (a financial claim or obligation):
all your household expenses will still have to be met
1British a gathering of riders and hounds before a hunt begins:
she fell from her horse during a weekend meet
2an organized event at which a number of races or other athletic contests are held:
major meets such as national championships
3 informal a meeting, typically one with an illicit purpose:
the meet with Frank is on for 10 o’clock