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Pronunciation of I Am Ok: Learn how to pronounce I Am Ok in English correctly

Learn how to say I Am Ok correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word OK:

used to express agreement or acceptance:
OK, I’ll pass on your message
OK, OK, I give in
used to introduce an utterance:
‘OK, let’s go’
satisfactory but not especially good:
the flight was OK
in a satisfactory physical or mental state:
are you okay, Ben?
permissible; allowable:
it’s not OK to say that to a teacher
in a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent:
the computer continues to work OK
[in singular]
an authorization or approval:
the officer gave me the OK
verb (OK’s, OK’ing, OK’d)
[with object]
give approval to:
despite objections, the committee ok’d the construction

mid 19th century (originally US): probably an abbreviation of orl korrect, humorous form of all correct, popularized as a slogan during President Van Buren’s re-election campaign of 1840 in the US; his nickname Old Kinderhook (derived from his birthplace) provided the initials