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Pronunciation of Hundred: Learn how to pronounce Hundred in English correctly

Learn how to say Hundred correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hundred:

number (plural hundreds or (with numeral or quantifying word) hundred)
(a/one hundred)
the number equivalent to the product of ten and ten; ten more than ninety; 100:
a hundred yards away
there are just a hundred of us here
(Roman numeral: c or C)
(hundreds) the numbers from one hundred to 999:
an unknown number, probably in the hundreds, had already been lost
(hundreds) several hundred things or people:
her coat cost hundreds of pounds
(usually hundreds) informal an unspecified large number:
hundreds of letters poured in
(the —— hundreds) the years of a specified century:
the early nineteen hundreds
one hundred years old:
you must be over a hundred!
one hundred miles per hour.
Cricket a batsman’s score of a hundred runs or more:
his ninth Test hundred
(chiefly in spoken English) used to express whole hours in the twenty-four-hour system:
twelve hundred hours
British historical
a subdivision of a county or shire, having its own court:
Wantage Hundred
a (or one) hundred per cent
entirely; completely:
I’m not a hundred per cent sure
[usually with negative] informal completely fit and healthy:
she did not feel one hundred per cent
informal maximum effort and commitment:
he always gave one hundred per cent for United
adjective & adverb
late Old English, from hund ‘hundred’ (from an Indo-European root shared with Latin centum and Greek hekaton) + a second element meaning ‘number’; of Germanic origin and related to Dutch honderd and German hundert. The noun sense ‘subdivision of a county’ is of uncertain origin: it may originally have been equivalent to a hundred hides of land (see hide3)