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Pronunciation of Hug: Learn how to pronounce Hug in English correctly

Learn how to say Hug correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hug:

verb (hugs, hugging, hugged)
[with object]
squeeze (someone) tightly in one’s arms, typically to express affection:
he hugged her close to him
people kissed and hugged each other
[no object]:
we hugged and kissed
hold (something) tightly around or against part of one’s body:
he hugged his knees to his chest
fit tightly round:
a pair of jeans that hugged the contours of his body
keep close to:
I headed north, hugging the coastline all the way
left-winger Stewart hugged the touchline
the car hugs the road, cornering neatly
(hug oneself) congratulate or be pleased with oneself:
she hugged herself with secret joy
cherish or cling to (something such as a belief):
a boy hugging a secret
an act of hugging someone:
there were hugs and tears as they were reunited
a squeezing grip in wrestling.
mid 16th century: probably of Scandinavian origin and related to Norwegian hugga ‘comfort, console’