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Pronunciation of How to pronounce Pegs: Learn how to pronounce How to pronounce Pegs in English correctly

Learn how to say How to pronounce Pegs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word peg:

1a short pin or bolt, typically tapered at one end, that is used for securing something in place, hanging things on, or marking a position:
she put her mack on a peg in the hall
(also tent peg) a pin or bolt driven into the ground to hold one of the ropes or corners of a tent in position.
Britishshort for clothes peg.
a bung for stoppering a cask.
informal a footrest on a motorbike.
2a point or limit on a scale, especially of exchange rates:
the Mexican peso, linked to the dollar by a crawling peg, was distinctly too high
3chiefly Indian a measure of spirits:
have a peg of whisky
4a place marked by a peg and allotted to a competitor to fish or shoot from.
5 informal a person’s leg:
I have a good right peg and the ball ended up in the back of the net
6chiefly Baseball a strong throw.
verb (pegs, pegging, pegged)
1 [with object and adverbial] fix, secure, or mark with a peg or pegs:
drape plants with nets, pegging down the edges
hang (washing) on a line with clothes pegs:
clothes were pegged out on a line
allot a specified place to (a competitor) in a fishing or shooting competition by means of a marker:
we’ve been pegged next to the winning team
2 [with object] fix (a price, rate, or amount) at a particular level:
the dividend was pegged at 23.59p
informal, chiefly North American form a fixed opinion of; categorize:
the officer probably has us pegged as anarchists
3chiefly Baseball throw (a ball) hard and low:
the catcher pegs the ball to the first baseman