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Pronunciation of Houses: Learn how to pronounce Houses in English correctly

Learn how to say Houses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word house:

Pronunciation: /haʊs/
1a building for human habitation, especially one that consists of a ground floor and one or more upper storeys:
a house of Cotswold stone
[as modifier]:
house prices
the people living in a house; a household:
make yourself scarce before you wake the whole house
a noble, royal, or wealthy family or lineage; a dynasty:
the power and prestige of the House of Stewart
chiefly Scottish a dwelling that is one of several in a building.
[with modifier] a building in which animals live or in which things are kept:
a hen house
2a building in which people meet for a particular activity:
a house of prayer
a firm or institution:
a fashion house
(the House) British informal the Stock Exchange.
a restaurant or inn:
help yourself to a drink, compliments of the house!
[as modifier]:
a carafe of house wine
dated a brothel.
a theatre:
a hundred musicians performed in front of a full house
British a performance in a theatre or cinema:
tickets for the first house
3a religious community that occupies a particular building:
the Cistercian house at Clairvaux
a residential building for pupils at a boarding school:
a house of 45 boarders
[as modifier]:
a house prefect
British each of a number of groups into which pupils at a day school are divided for games or competition.
British formal a college of a university.
4a legislative or deliberative assembly:
the sixty-member National Council, the country’s upper house
(the House) (in the UK) the House of Commons or Lords; (in the US) the House of Representatives:
the government commanded an overall majority in the House
used in formal debates that mimic the procedures of a legislative assembly:
a debate on the motion ‘This house would legalize cannabis’
5 (also house music) [mass noun] a style of electronic dance music typically having sparse, repetitive vocals and a fast beat:
DJs specializing in techno, garage, and house
6 Astrology a twelfth division of the celestial sphere, based on the positions of the ascendant and midheaven at a given time and place, and determined by any of a number of methods.
a twelfth division of the celestial sphere represented as a sector on an astrological chart, used in allocating elements of character and circumstance to different spheres of human life.
7 [mass noun] Britishold-fashioned term for bingo.
[as exclamation] used by a bingo player to announce that they have won.
1(of an animal or plant) kept in, frequenting, or infesting buildings.
2relating to a firm, institution, or society:
a house journal
(of a band or group) resident or regularly performing in a club or other venue:
the house band
Pronunciation: /haʊz/
[with object]
1provide with shelter or accommodation:
they converted a disused cinema to house twelve employees
2provide space for; contain or accommodate:
the museum houses a collection of Roman sculpture
fix (something) in a socket or mortise.
as safe as houses
British completely safe.
get on (or along) like a house on fire
informal have a very good and friendly relationship:
Gav and my Aunt Janice got on like a house on fire
go (all) round the houses
take a circuitous route to one’s destination.
take an unnecessarily long time to get to the point:
a partner is likely to go all round the houses today, when it’s obvious what they are hinting at
house and home
a person’s home (used for emphasis):
some people sell house and home to sit in a boat writing books
a house divided cannot stand
proverb a group or organization weakened by internal dissensions will be unable to withstand external pressures.
house of cards
a structure built out of playing cards precariously balanced together.
used to refer to an insubstantial or insecure situation or scheme:
the special constitutional arrangement collapsed like a house of cards

noun (plural housefuls)
Old English hūs (noun), hūsian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch huis, German Haus (nouns), and Dutch huizen, German hausen (verbs)