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Pronunciation of Hotspots: Learn how to pronounce Hotspots in English correctly

Learn how to say Hotspots correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hotspot:

1a small area with a relatively high temperature in comparison to its surroundings:
the gas flame spreads over the entire grilling area to eliminate hot spots
Geology an area of volcanic activity.
2a place of significant activity, danger, or violence:
they identified eight pollution hotspots at the mouth of the Thames
while some were caught in the cross-fire at various political hotspots, most victims were targeted and killed
teams will patrol anti-social behaviour hotspots in all parts of the borough
3a popular place of entertainment:
treat your clients to a cocktail at one of the following hotspots
4an area on a computer screen which can be clicked to activate a function, especially an image or piece of text acting as a hyperlink.
a public place where a wireless signal is made available so that the Internet can be accessed.