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Pronunciation of Hot: Learn how to pronounce Hot in English correctly

Learn how to say Hot correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hot:

adjective (hotter, hottest)
1having a high degree of heat or a high temperature:
it was hot inside the hall
a hot day
feeling or producing an uncomfortable sensation of heat:
she felt hot and her throat was parched
(of food or drink) prepared by heating and served without cooling:
this soup is equally good hot or cold
informal (of an electric circuit) live or at a high voltage.
informal radioactive.
2(of food) containing or consisting of pungent spices or peppers which produce a burning sensation when tasted:
a very hot dish cooked with green chilli
3filled with passionate excitement, anger, or other strong emotion:
the idea had been nurtured in his hot imagination
her reply came boiling out of her, hot with rage
lustful or erotic:
steamy bed scenes which may be too hot for young fans
(of popular music) strongly rhythmical and excitingly played:
hot salsa and lambada dancing
4 informal involving much activity, debate, or interest:
the environment has become a very hot issue
(of news) fresh and of great interest:
have I got some hot gossip for you!
currently popular, fashionable, or in demand:
they know the hottest dance moves
(of a person) sexually attractive:
a hot chick
Hunting (of the scent) fresh and strong, indicating that the quarry has passed recently.
[predic.] (in children’s games) very close to finding or guessing something.
5 informal very knowledgeable or skilful:
Tony is very hot on local history
[predic., usually with negative] good:
this is not so hot for business
(hot on) regarding (something) as very important; strict about:
local customs officers are hot on confiscations
6 informal difficult to deal with:
he found my story simply too hot to handle
(of goods) stolen and difficult to dispose of because easily identifiable.
(of a person) wanted by the police.
verb (hots, hotting, hotted)
(hot something up or hot up) British informal
make or become hot:
[with object]:
he hotted up the flask
become or make more lively or exciting:
[no object]:
the championship contest hotted up