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Pronunciation of Hosted: Learn how to pronounce Hosted in English correctly

Learn how to say Hosted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word host:

1a person who receives or entertains other people as guests:
a dinner-party host
a person, place, or organization that holds an event to which others are invited:
Innsbruck once played host to the Winter Olympics
the presenter of a television or radio programme:
your host is Stuart Macmillan
2 Biology an animal or plant on or in which a parasite or commensal organism lives.
(also host cell) a living cell in which a virus multiplies.
3a person or animal that has received transplanted tissue or a transplanted organ.
4 (also host computer) a computer which stores a website or other data that can be accessed over the Internet or which provides other services to a network.
5an area in which particular plants or animals are found:
Australia is host to some of the world’s most dangerous animals
[with object]
1act as host at (an event) or for (a television or radio programme):
Canada was asked to host a Commonwealth conference in Ottawa
2store (a website or other data) on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet:
Columbia University currently hosts some 400 websites

mine host
humorous the landlord or landlady of a pub:
mine host raised his glass of whisky

Middle English: from Old French hoste, from Latin hospes, hospit- ‘host, guest’