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Pronunciation of Hooding: Learn how to pronounce Hooding in English correctly

Learn how to say Hooding correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hood:

1a covering for the head and neck with an opening for the face, typically forming part of a coat or cloak:
a jacket with a detachable hood
a large hood-shaped piece of fabric, typically trimmed with fur or a similar material, worn over the shoulders of a university gown or a surplice to indicate the wearer’s degree.
Falconry a leather covering for a hawk’s head.
2a thing resembling a hood in shape or use, in particular:
British a folding waterproof cover of a car, pram, etc..
North American the bonnet of a motor vehicle.
a canopy to protect users of machinery or to remove fumes from it.
a hood-like structure or marking on the head or neck of an animal:
the hood of a rearing cobra
the upper part of the flower of a plant such as a dead-nettle.
[with object]
put a hood on or over:
she was forced into a car, hooded, and taken to a cell


Old English hōd, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoed, German Hut ‘hat’, also to hat