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Pronunciation of Hollowly: Learn how to pronounce Hollowly in English correctly

Learn how to say Hollowly correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hollow:

1having a hole or empty space inside:
a hollow metal tube
having a concave or sunken appearance:
her cheeks were hollow and she had dark circles under her eyes
(of a sound) echoing, as though made in or on an empty container:
a hollow groan
2without real significance or value:
the result was a hollow victory
a hollow promise
a hole or depression in something:
a hollow at the base of a large tree
an enclosed space within something:
he held them in the hollow of his hand
a small valley:
the village nestles in a hollow on the edge of the New Forest
[with object]
form by making a hole:
a tunnel was hollowed out in a mountain range
make a hollow in:
Flora’s laugh hollowed her cheeks