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Pronunciation of Hole: Learn how to pronounce Hole in English correctly

Learn how to say Hole correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hole:

1a hollow place in a solid body or surface:
the dog had dug a hole in the ground
an aperture passing through something:
he had a hole in his sock
a cavity or receptacle on a golf course, typically one of eighteen or nine, into which the ball must be hit.
one of the sections of a golf course or the divisions of play in a game of golf :
Stephen lost the first three holes to Eric
an animal’s burrow:
a fox’s hole
[in place names] a valley:
Seaton Hole
Physics a position from which an electron is absent, especially one regarded as a mobile carrier of positive charge in a semiconductor.
2a place or position that needs to be filled because someone or something is no longer there:
she is missed terribly and her death has left a hole in all our lives
a shortcoming, weakness, or flaw in a plan, argument, etc.:
intriguing as it sounds, the theory is full of holes
3 informal an unpleasant place:
she had wasted a whole lifetime in this hole of a town
an awkward situation:
the team are in a bit of a hole and it’s a case of seeing if they can dig themselves out
[with object]
1make a hole or holes in:
a fuel tank was holed by the attack and a fire started
2 Golf hit (the ball) into a hole:
George holed a six-iron shot from the fairway
[no object]:
he holed out for a birdie