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Pronunciation of Hoist: Learn how to pronounce Hoist in English correctly

Learn how to say Hoist correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hoist:

[with object]
raise (something) by means of ropes and pulleys:
a white flag was hoisted
[with object and adverbial] raise or haul up:
she hoisted her backpack on to her shoulder
1an act of raising or lifting something.
an apparatus for lifting or raising something:
mechanical lifts or hoists for firefighting purposes
an act of increasing something:
an interest rate hoist
2the part of a flag nearest the staff.
3a group of flags raised as a signal.

hoist one’s flag

(of an admiral) take up command.
hoist the flag

stake one’s claim to discovered territory by displaying a flag.
hoist with one’s own petard

see petard.



late 15th century: alteration of dialect hoise, probably from Dutch hijsen or Low German hiesen, but recorded earlier