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Pronunciation of Hitch: Learn how to pronounce Hitch in English correctly

Learn how to say Hitch correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hitch:

1 [with object, and adverbial of direction] move (something) into a different position with a jerk:
she hitched up her skirt and ran
2 [no object] informal travel by hitch-hiking:
they hitched to Birmingham
[with object] obtain (a lift) by hitch-hiking:
I hitched a ride up the road
3 [with object] fasten or tether:
he returned to where he had hitched his horse
harness (a draught animal or team):
Thomas hitched the pony to his cart
1a temporary difficulty or problem:
everything went without a hitch
2a knot of a particular kind, typically one used for fastening a rope to something else.
North American a device for attaching one thing to another, especially the tow bar of a motor vehicle.
3 informal an act of hitch-hiking:
a long walk and a hitch back to Capel Curig
4North American informal a period of service:
his 12-year hitch in the navy

get hitched
informal marry.
hitch one’s wagon to a star
try to succeed by forming a relationship with someone who is already successful.

Middle English (in sense 1 of the verb): of unknown origin