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Pronunciation of Hiss: Learn how to pronounce Hiss in English correctly

Learn how to say Hiss correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hiss:

[no object]
make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter s:
the escaping gas was hissing
(of a person) make a sibilant sound as a sign of disapproval or derision:
the audience hissed loudly at the mention of his name
[with object] express disapproval of (someone) by hissing:
he was hissed off the stage
[reporting verb] whisper something in an urgent or angry way:
[with direct speech]:
‘Get back!’ he hissed
a sharp sibilant sound:
the spit and hiss of a cornered cat
a sibilant sound used to convey disapproval or derision:
the audience greeted this comment with boos and hisses
[mass noun] electrical interference at audio frequencies:
tape hiss

late Middle English (as a verb): imitative